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How about an ex-demo car?

Shopping for a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle? There are many options to consider; one of which is buying an ex-demonstrator car. Al Ghandi Auto has a selection of models that were previously used as demonstration vehicles.  

What are the advantages of buying an ex-demonstrator car

Best Condition: The main advantage of buying an ex-demo car is that it will have been kept in the best possible condition and should have no visual faults. 

0 previous owners: Unlike a used car, an ex-demo car won't have had any previous owners meaning the car will be in the same condition as when it was brand new and will have a lot less miles on the clock. 

Maintained and checked regularly: At Al Ghandi Auto all of our Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles go through a 110 point  inspection and tested before being sold, however there may be minor dents and scratches from the previous owners as they are previously owned. An ex-demo car shouldn't have this problem.

Its picked for a reason: Al Ghandi Auto chooses the best vehicles for being demonstrators. We want our customers to experience the ride of the best vehicle available, look the best and function to the best of its ability. 

Less Miles: The demo vehicles should have low mileage on them. If the mileage is high – ask our salesman why. 

No hidden surprises: Correct! There are no modifications, hidden damage or any unforeseen surprises! 

Below is a list of the ex-demonstration vehicles Al Ghandi Auto has available.

   GMC Terrain​

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   GMC Acadia​

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If you want to know more about our ex-demo program, or Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles, then contact one of our Sales Consultants today. Alternatively you can visit our showrooms located here.