Six Eid Al Adha Gift Ideas Perfect For Truck Owners

Eid Al Adha is fast approaching, which means it’s the perfect time to surprise a friend or a family member with a thoughtful gift for their treasured pickup truck! If a loved one is a GMC truck owner or has recently bought one, chances are they may be surprised and excited to receive any of these GMC Accessories as gifts this holiday.

Make a statement on the road with Stylish Illuminated Emblems

For those wanting to add a personal touch to their truck’s exterior, these custom Illuminated GMC Emblem in Black for the Sierra’s grille and tailgate provide a unique and distinctive appearance. Not only do they catch your eye and make you want to take a closer look, but it also accentuates the design elements on the truck itself. The logo also gives off a prominent backlit appearance that stands out as you drive down the road.

Camping made easy with the Pickup Box Tent

If the pickup owner in your life is a big fan of spending time outdoors and love camping, then the Sportz Camping Tent by Napier† may prove to be the ideal gift. These tents install over the pickup box on Sierra models and transform the pickup box into an elevated sleeping platform! Installation is straightforward, and it makes for the perfect place to rest up and stay the night in!

Music lovers unite with the MultiPro Audio system by Kickers Audio

For music lovers, the GMC Accessories MultiPro™ Tailgate Audio System takes tailgating to the next level. KICKER makes it the life of the party with an all-new weatherproof (IP66) audio package that fits the MultiPro™ exclusively. The illuminated display puts the user in charge of the programming track, volume and source. The system’s rugged design and versatile functionality gives users a unique way to incorporate music or video entertainment as part of the tailgate experience.

An organized interior is a functional interior with Underseat Storage

The goal in organization is to leverage all available space in the vehicle and that’s exactly what the Underseat Storage compartment does. Easily installed underneath the rear seat cushion in Double Cab and Crew Cab Sierras, this allows users to stash tools, tie-downs, trailer hitches, and other gear inside the cab, away from passengers’ feet.

Keep items secure with the Bed Cargo Net

Between moving belongings, hauling a variety of objects for any DIY projects, keep all belongings secure with a Bed Cargo Net. Elastic cords extend across the bed, helping keep items in the bed from shifting. Users can quickly and easily remove the net when not in use, and storing it underneath the rear seat without taking up too much space.

Shield and secure truck bed cargo with Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

From soft covers to retractable hard covers and everything in between, GMC accessories has you covered when it comes to the perfect tonneau cover for your truck and one that best suit your needs. This hard vinyl Tonneau Cover is designed to stand up to rugged use while sheltering the cargo in the truck bed. The cover is lightweight, rustproof, non-corrosive and lockable, and allows users to easily open and close it due to its tri-fold design.


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