Are you a smooth sleek Terrain - nimble enough to get through the course? Perhaps you are an Acadia -nothing will bother you; your reliable and your team can count on you. No? maybe you are a Sierra - rampaging through the obstacle course ripping it apart with that muscle of yours? Or are you a Yukon the leader of the pack, hey... you just won!

Desert Warrior Challenge brings you fun and challenging obstacle courses, designed to test the physical strength, mental toughness, team-work and overall fitness of each and every Warrior. The courses cater for participants with various skill and fitness levels, from children to the extreme athlete striving for a hardcore challenge. Each course consists of a wide range of obstacles where participants run, crawl, jump, carry, climb and slide their way to the finish line. Completing a Desert Warrior Challenge course leaves its Warriors with a feeling of accomplishment unlike any other.

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